Viola Concertos and solo viola by Turkish composers

Presenter: Barış Kerem


The foundations of conservatories providing music education in Turkey are based on Darülelhan and Darülbedayi, which were established in 1914 during the Ottoman Empire. Darülelhan, who gave music education for a short time, was restructured in 1925 after the establishment of the Republic and renamed the Istanbul Conservatory.

The institution, which was connected to the municipality in 1944, was connected to the university in 1986 and took the name of Istanbul University State Conservatory. After the foundation of the Republic, important steps were taken for the development of music education and performance in Turkey.

Ankara Conservatory was opened under the guidance of Paul Hindemith, who was invited to Ankara. Many important artists continue to be trained in the institution, which was attached to Hacettepe University in 1982. In the first years of the Republic, some specially selected talented people were sent abroad to receive music education.

Ahmet Adnan Saygun and Necil Kazım Akses, who can be counted among these names, composed important works for the viola repertoire. In this study, viola concertos and solo viola works composed by Turkish composers, which are included in the curriculum of institutions determined among the conservatories that provide music education in Turkey, are discussed.

Thanks to this research, it is aimed to both recognize the works discussed by larger audiences and encourage them to be performed more frequently.


The artist, who goes on his career as an academician, author, composer and performer, was born in 1984 in İzmir, Turkey.

His first book “Viola Book” published in January 2018. His second book “Lillian Fuchs, The Portrait of a Violist” in November 2018. His third book “A Long Story About Love” published in 2020. He is working as an Assoc. Prof. at Ankara Music and Fine Arts University.

He is a member of European String Teachers Association and International Viola Society, also President of Turkish Viola Society. His music score “Tomris and the Blacksea, op.1” published by Gems Music Publications on December 2021.

The works in this book were played by Paul Cortese, produced and published by Julian Jahanpour in 2021.

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