Student Violin Concertos

Presenter: Ines Tomić


Violin Concertos are one of the most important parts of the students’ repertoire. Students love them because of their musicallity, most advanced that they’ve reached that far but also for the challenge they make with their length and difficulty.

But how to choose the right Concerto for each student, what elements should be considered, what outcomes we want to reach and how to get there? Answers to these and some other questions Mrs. Tomić gives in her presentation Student Violin Concertos. Also, in the short technical and musical analysis, she talks about the most famous student concertos (by Kuechler, Rieding, Seitz, Accolay, and Beriot), and gives them additional context with composers’ biographies.

She makes an overview of Dorothy DeLay’s Violin Concerto sequence and all participants will be gifted with a practical list of all students’ violin concertos listed in order of difficulty level.


Ines Ana Tomić is a Croatian violin pedagogue with 25 years of experience. She has received numerous awards for her work (including Ministry of Education’ and Croatian Music and Dance Teachers Association) and her students have won over 100 prizes at various national and international competitions. Ms Tomić holds seminars and masterclasses for students and teachers and takes part as a Jury member on music competitions in Croatia and abroad.

She is the author of the violin and viola beginning method “The Pizzicato Method”, „Violina 1 and 2“, „Violin Positions“ and other didactical materials. Most important of all – she is a mother of two children.

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