Multi-Cultural Music for the Youngest Violinist

Presenter: Crystal Boyack


Beginning violinists deserve great music too. This session will present melodies from around the world that have been carefully selected for the beginning violinist to prepare them for Twinkle.

These songs build foundational technique including posture, violin seat, left hand position, bow hold, bow stroke, string crossings and placing fingers. They are are not only technically enriching but also musically and culturally enriching- containing songs in many tonalities and meters and from many cultures.

Using these songs creates a technically sound violinist ready for level one music, as well as a violinist with a rich repertoire of world music.


Crystal Boyack is a leader in early childhood violin pedagogy and is a highly sought after teacher, clinician and lecturer. Crystal began teaching violin, viola and orchestra at 15 years old when she founded and directed Morgan Valley Strings, a community orchestra program.

She attended Weber State University studying Music Education and the University of New Mexico studying String Pedagogy. She is the author of the upcoming book Wee Violin: Music for Young Violinists Preparatory to Twinkle, the only early childhood violin curriculum, which contains traditional music from around the world.

She currently teaches at the University of New Mexico’s String Lab School and runs a private studio teaching Suzuki Violin and Music Together. She loves spending her time gardening, doing yoga, and playing, laughing and adventuring with her husband and four young children.

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