Exploring the pentatonic

Presenter: Jessica Yuen


Inclusive music learning beyond European classical music. Bringing out values of oriental music: women’s oriental stories to students, with pentatonic introduction.

Learning Objectives: Diversified learning music repertories beyond the traditional classical male European composers well-known to a classically trained educator. Exploring music with a different culture, especially the oriental culture selections with pentatonic and inspiring stories about women in different historical settings and moral values.

Explore oriental repertoires and their sound. Introduction with an easy way to transcribe Chinese music notation to Western 5-lined staff arrangement. Background As a classically trained Pianist and Violinist, I realized that my formal western music studies lack inclusiveness in learning music.

Even though piano and violin are traditionally labeled as instruments from western culture, it is important to teach our next generation that music and its instrument have no borders. Introducing repertoires beyond the traditional European white male-focused composers and repertoires are necessary inclusive and diversified studies for our students to understand and explore the world of sound Musical Examples (included sample sheet music) Music from Chinese Ballet: White-haired Girl Music from Chinese poetry: Mulan Poem Music from Opera: Jasmine Flower theme as the muse for Puccini’s Madame Butterfly.


Jessica Yuen, MBA, MRes, PGDipl (Strings), BA, MYCC. Being an experienced and dedicated business owner and music teacher to over 1800 students and a versatile and active concert performer of piano, guzheng, harp and violin, Jessica’s professional and music footprints are stretched both locally and internationally.

She holds her post graduate and graduate degrees and diploma from University of Liverpool & Chichester, United Kingdom and her bachelor degree from the University of Calgary, Canada. She has also obtained her Higher Education Teaching Certificate from Harvard University.

She is continuing her PhD research with The Open University, UK in Music and working on her Doctoral Business Administration thesis with Golden Gate University, San Francisco, USA. She is currently also the Director of Development for the ESTA Education for their Teacher’s Education program, Canada & USA Division.

She founded Fusion Arts & Music Festival in Calgary and Musesica Fusion Trio ensemble, performed for National Music Center and Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra event in 2019 & 2020.

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