Exploring the joy in violin teaching

Presenter: Lauri Hämäläinen


DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF STRING TEACHING I would like to organize an interactive discussion and debate about about values, practicing and principles of meaningful music learning for diverse students.

We will approach eight fundamental pedagogical topics by debate and playing together. Bring your own instrument!

  • 1 The heartbeat and meaning of life
  • 2. The power of mental images in the learning process play the Famous Musicians
  • 3. Ski Jumping and violin playing. ”Circle of positive positivity”
  • 4. Movements to create joy and the Marathon movement
  • 5. The impotartace of bio-feedback and balance
  • 6. The seven samurai bow-exercise
  • 7. Practising, inner motivation and late game brilliance
  • 8. Joy of life. To share moments. To share moments with Music. The Harry Potter quote.

The aim is to give all participants real tools for understanding diverse students and teaching techniques.

Please remember to bring your own instruments


Lauri Hämäläinen is a Finnish-Swedish string teacher from Helsinki, Finland. He started his school on the first Swedish-speaking music class that was formed in Helsinki. He is educated as a performing musician and music teacher from the Turku Conservatory (2000), Royal College of Music in The Hague (2002) and the High School of Music in Rotterdam (2004).

Lauri has been workin as a violin, viola and orchestra teacher at Northwestern Music Institute in Helsinki, the Espoo Music Institute and the Avonia Music Institute in Espoo.

He has played viola in many different orchestras and groups, and has formed The Allegros String Quartet, Duo Humoresque and the Finnish-Japanese chamber orchestra La Tempesta.

Lauri is the author of Violin Friends and Viola Friends teaching materials. He has made many arrangements for string orchestras and composed works like The Sea Scenery for string quartet, Instrumental Impressions of Helsinki and Eight Trios for violin and viola.

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