Diversity from the Inside Out

Presenter: Chenoa Murphy



Diversity From the Inside Out was birthed out of my initial course “Introduction to Black Classical Composers & Musicians as an answer to questions from string teachers (who took the course) such as “What can I do to diversify my studio?” “How can I introduce music by black composers in a way that brings dignity to them?” “How can I raise money for scholarships for children of color who can’t afford music lessons?” or statements such as “I’m afraid of making a mistake or saying the wrong thing” or “I’m afraid of causing more harm in my quest to become a racial ally.”

While all these questions and statements are noble and good at face value, they don’t address the deeper more obvious question, the most important question which is “What am I doing as a music teacher that is preventing me from having a diverse studio?” This presentation will answer that question. It is possible that certain thoughts and beliefs that are held by the music teacher could be preventing you from having the diverse studio you desire.


Chenoa was born and raised in Memphis, TN. She started the violin at age 3 and was trained in and completed the Suzuki Violin method.

Chenoa earned a Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from the University of Cincinnati College- Conservatory of Music and has since performed nationally and internationally. She has taught violin and viola privately as well as been a member of several symphony orchestras in her area. Her opinions on race can be found on CNN, NPR Illinois, and Huffington Post!

She is currently a homeschooling mom of 2 children, and host of her podcast show, “Black, White & In Color. Her website is: www.blackclassicalmusicians.com

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