Creating inclusivity in our early childhood string teaching

Presenter: Laura Carr


In this practical workshop, we dive into finding ways to create an inclusive early childhood string setting. We will focus on mind and body warm-ups and creating beautiful bowing basics, whilst cultivating ideas to help our younger children build their resilience, self-awareness and self-regulation skills.

Each child is unique, and this should be celebrated. However, in reality, this isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. What happens when you have two children in a class that have completely different needs?

Maybe one child is more prone to sensory seeking and the other prefers sensory avoidance? We will discover concepts and ideas which include both our sensory seekers and our sensory avoiders. With a special emphasis on incorporating movement into our lessons, we aim to succeed in making our teaching environment uplifting, engaging and joyful!


Laura formally trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff Wales. Upon completing her studies, she set upon her career of teaching and performing. Laura’s work in schools in Wales along with the birth of her daughters, inspired her to look at teaching from a new perspective.

Laura spent the next 10 years writing an entire curriculum of beginner resources called Stringosaurus, which continues to evolve to this day. Laura moved to Australia in 2016 and has since set up a unique school strings program with ages 4-8 at Peter Moyes Anglican Community School.

In October 2021, Laura had the privilege of presenting at the Nova Scotia Music Educators conference, Unmasking Music Education and in the same month, released her long anticipated Early Childhood Online Resources Hub, which is currently being enjoyed by string teachers and students from around the globe.

In July 2022 Laura presented at the AUSTA Melbourne conference, ‘Strings of Australia’ an inspiring and energetic workshop, Teachers’ Toolkit for Early Childhood Teaching.

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