Awareness Through Movement-The Feldenkrais Method

Presenter: Josephine Horder


Diversity, the uniqueness of the individual, a person’s potential for growth and improvement – these values are central to the Feldenkrais Method®. In the context of string teaching this means finding creative, individuated approaches to the myriad variations of physical build, coordination, facility, aptitude, learning style, and motivation that we are likely to meet in our students.

As string teachers we may nurture an image of the ideal way to manipulate our instrument and bow but may find ourselves confronted by, for example, a double jointed thumb, a teenager with scoliosis or a late-starter with arthritic fingers. Do we try to fit these people to our ideal or do we look for novel and inventive strategies to help them function optimally in relation to their specific needs so that they can feel supported as unique individuals with the potential to improve?

A physicist, engineer and judo exponent, Dr Moshe Feldenkrais helped people to discover their potential for growth and development, whatever their situation and aspirations, through a free-ranging exploration and investigation process called Awareness Through Movement®. He worked with the plasticity of the brain and our limitless ability to learn, change and improve. It is through creative exploration and an inventive ‘thinking-outside-the-box’ approach to problem solving that the Feldenkrais Method® can inform and enrich string teaching.

I propose to present an introductory 40 minute workshop in which delegates will have an interactive experience of an Awareness Through Movement® lesson with clear application to string playing.


Josephine Horder is both a Feldenkrais Practitioner and a performing cellist with a career in chamber music and freelance chamber orchestras, having studied with Joan Dickson, Antonio Janigro and Johannes Goritski.

She is a dedicated cello teacher, passionate about including enrichment from the Feldenkrais Method® in her approach to teaching musicians of all ages and levels. A life long interest has been the individual learning style of each student, helping them discover how to take charge of their own learning and improvement.

Further to this, strategies derived from Awareness Through Movement® embrace the unique needs and aspirations of each individual, simultaneously engaging brain, mind and body in a creative process of exploration. Josephine has presented workshops for ESTA uk, Arpeggione, Cello Dynamo, and at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

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