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ESTA’s International Conference 2023

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Celebrating diversity in string teaching

Held at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff, UK
Sunday 2nd April – Thursday 6th April 2023


Cardiff is the youngest European capital city and home to the Welsh Parliament – Senedd Cymru. 

As the capital city of Wales, Cardiff is home to a huge range of world-class events featuring sport, arts and culture.

The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama is the National Conservatoire of Wales. It contributes to the cultural identity of Cardiff and Wales and attracts some of the most gifted students from around the world.

Our conference will include keynote speakers from all over Europe and beyond

Call for papers

The conference programme committee invites you to submit a proposal for the ESTA International Conference, Cardiff 2023. 

The proposal can be for a lecture, round table seminar, demonstration, workshop, poster presentation or other. Any topics will be considered, though you might like to bear in mind the theme of the conference:

Celebrating Diversity in String Teaching

Presentations should either last 40 minutes, 20 minutes, or – in the case of poster presentations – 10 minutes.

Chosen presenters will have their travel paid by their ESTA branch and UK ESTA will cover accommodation and board for 2 nights.
The application deadline is 31st July 2022 and only fully completed applications will be considered. 
If you have any questions, please contact support@estastrings.org.uk
The committee will let you know if your proposal has been accepted by 1st October 2022.

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